0.2.26 cleanups

- Configure window layout cleanup and better shows when you saved a value
- Main window shows the host of the database you connected to – useful if you have several servers with different data sets, or a test and a production environment.

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0.2.24 employee year view: remarks of all the months shown

In an extra grid at bottom of the screen, it is listed for each month where remark exists.

+ Some cosmetic improvements on this screen.

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0.2.22-0.2.23 better feedback, more complete attendance save

  • 0.2.23: Feedback now; At saving the updated sum/todo/saldo data of one employee (by selecting the employee line and menu data/save selected employee ..” there is a confirmation (green) log line.
  • 0.2.22: at double-click to edit attendance, changing and saving data now also saves change of employee.
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0.2.18-0.2.21 Improved selection of marking missing data, etc

In the currently displayed month, you can ask to mark the missing data; this improved somewhat:

  • Future days are no longer marked as “missing data” (Since 0.2.18)
  • contract start/end is taken into account (Since 0.2.18, bug fixed 0.2.21
  • current day is excluded from the check. (Since 0.2.19)

Some other small improvements:

  • Full name is now visible in edit of the attendance. (0.2.19)
  • running the spinboxes for month out of limits 0-12 will automatically skip to previous or next year (0.2.20)
  • The month total and saldo can now be saved for a selected employee only (instead of all), e.g. after a retro-active correction on this one employee. Use from menu “Data”, “Save selected employee sald-todo-tot”. (0.2.20)
  • Startup screen with initial version info while data loads (0.2.21)
  • Log/Error messages at bottom got line number to better distinct re-occuring messages (0.2.21)
  • Show summary of weeknumbers (under current year/month) (0.2.21)
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0.2.17 Year-List of given daycode case insensitive or not

  • If you use a capital character to indicate a special state, e.g. d = day, and D = day-still to check, you want both characters counted in the overview of the code for day.
    That is now possible for the year-overview; added extra menu for case insensitive.
  • If attendance code of import is not known, a ? (question mark) is inserted as attendance code.
  • Missing daycodes: now looks at employee date in and out, and only untill current day. The marked “empty” fields are more usefull: no future days, no days before start of contract.
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0.2.16: sort and save

  • Menu Data, Sort on employee name
  • Menu Data, Sort on employee surname
  • Main screen: use ctrl-s to save data of current month
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0.2.15 Window dressing

Some updates bundled here:


  • Window size (width, height) and splitter settings are save now. (Splitters are the “curtains” between names/days/totals..) .
  • Extra splitter added to the left with last days of previous month, mainly to see complete week that is broken over months. Currently only works when you’ve seen the previous month in this session.
  • Fixed Goto “now”: switches to current month *in current year* now


  • adapted corrections-column with smaller font and red for negatives


  • Day import: Changed priority to the time tracker data for deciding on late-early or day shift.
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0.2.11-0.2.12 active line indicated, fixes


  • Import didn’t work anymore – fixed
  • Also changed behaviour: now when opening the import window, the existing employees are already loaded in the list on the right.
    Not any more on “import” button press.


  • The active line is now indicated blue and bold.
  • previous active line stays bold to better notice what records have been handled just before.
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0.2.10 Columns:Todo, reg, +/- ? previous : adjustable width

Column width for this set of columns can be changed by a setting in Tools, Configure; eg 40, 45 … Default is 40.
(if numbers > 100, first digits of numbers were not shown completely on some screens)

Update 3/6/2013: 0.2.10 now really uploaded (instead of 0.1.10)

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0.2.7, 0.2.8: Main window updated after changes in SubTot/correction

- After click on Correction column, (=menu New Correction), adding a correction, and save it; the main window is now updated to reflect the changes (so you don’t have to reload it manual)
- some systems gave a crash on the calculation between decimal and hh:mm notation; fixed now.

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