0.2.38 Decimal value added to hours (hh:mm) correction window

Double click on correction column gives an edit screen:
correction still has to be given in hh:mm style, but the corresponding decimal value is shown immediately.

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0.2.37 Fix: Row select leaves % colors intact now

Selected employee row changes to bold+blue; but the percentage shifts column should keep its color.
Before it changed to blue and afterwards to default color (black), so the color indication for that row was gone from then on. Fixed now.

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0.2.36 Names display shows sort order now

If names are sorted on name, names display as Name, Surname.
If names are sorted on surname, names display as Surname, Name.

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0.2.35 Shift work in %

Extra column added to show the rate of shift work in the running month.
Configuration sets this column on or of in the view.
Configuration reads the days to count as base for the percentage calculation.

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0.2.30, 0.2.31 resize in heigth, move code to another day

0.2.31 brings the possibility to “move” a daycode to another day; e.g. you put a holliday on dec 12, and it has to be on dec 19:
- click on the cell (you get a window to edit the attendance)
- unlock the date field (click on open lock)
- choose a value from the calendar
- lock the field
- save

0.2.30 gives you resizing grid in the height of the screen, not only the width like before. Now you can adapt to see more employees if your screen is bigger.

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0.2.29 Bug fixes – crash fixed

The application would crash in version 0.2.28 when saving an existing month correction record.
So do not use version 0.2.28 (although the crash does not create any problems; it was just some part of litter code string by unnoticed improper paste action).

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0.2.28 Employee can be deleted, month remark shown on employee select

Mostly you want to keep data about previous employees, and you just switch them to “not active”. Then they don’t show up in the main screen anymore.
If you create by accident a duplicate employee, it will have no attendance data yet.
Now you can remove that employee record. Choose the employee (click on the id in the main screen or use the menu). Do the check on attendance data (button).

  • If attendance data exists, the 10 most recent lines are shown. Record can not be removed.
  • If no attendance data exists, the “Delete” button will become active. You can delete the record now.

After deleting, a message in the log window of the main screen will be shown.

Also a bug was fixed, that kept the newly created employee record from loading if you double-clicked the id in the main window. You only got an empty employee screen, and the data could be loaded from employee list above. This was caused by not ending the make new employee procedure, and is fixed now; the selected new employee will be loaded.

Since this version, the employee that you select in the main screen, will have shown the “month” comments on top. This comment is also visible if you make the left gridview with the names wider; but while working it will mostly be hidden and only the columns of the names will be shown. The month comment might include the explanation for a missing registration of a daycode somewhere in the month, so it’s better to show it for the selected employee.

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0.2.26 cleanups

- Configure window layout cleanup and better shows when you saved a value
- Main window shows the host of the database you connected to – useful if you have several servers with different data sets, or a test and a production environment.

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0.2.24 employee year view: remarks of all the months shown

In an extra grid at bottom of the screen, it is listed for each month where remark exists.

+ Some cosmetic improvements on this screen.

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0.2.22-0.2.23 better feedback, more complete attendance save

  • 0.2.23: Feedback now; At saving the updated sum/todo/saldo data of one employee (by selecting the employee line and menu data/save selected employee ..” there is a confirmation (green) log line.
  • 0.2.22: at double-click to edit attendance, changing and saving data now also saves change of employee.
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